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Neighborhood S/S Plain-D C Crew - Indigo


Neighborhood Bar and Shield Tee - Grey


Neighborhood Ichiban Tee - Black

Season Highlights from Neighborhood and Wtaps

Neighborhood has developed a cult following for their distinctive aesthetic, a mixture of vintage, military, Americana and motorcycle culture. These influences shine through in one of the feature pieces from the latest season.

Each piece by Neighborhood reinstates vintage silhouettes with contemporary fabrics, tailoring and details, placing emphasis on the production of premium staples.

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Apartment Product Highlights – visvim FBT Sneaker

With the recent arrival of visvim to the Apartment shelves, it seems only fitting to highlight what is arguably the most recognisable silhouette from the brand to date. The visvim FBT sneaker has made quite am impact on the streetwear community,ever since it’s first release as a part of founder, Hiroki Nakamura’s second collection in 2001. Nakamura regards footwear as a daily tool and for this reason, believes that quality and performance are of the highest priority. It is this search for quality that remains the driving force behind visvim design.

Level 1, 105 Albert St
Brisbane Q 4000
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